Summer Promotion: Enhanced Rental Income

Our clients have now funded over £125M in property assets under management. As we push towards our next major milestone of £150M and the introduction of more new products, we want to give something back to our loyal client base with a summer promotion.

Until August 31 or 100% funded, we’re offering 1% Enhanced Rental Income on the below new listings for 1 year. Terms apply.

Promotional Properties

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Can I take part?
All investors of Property Partner, both new and existing are eligible to participate in this offer.

What do I need to do to get the offer?
Simply invest in any new listing property while this offer is running, and your rental income will be topped up. There are no offer codes, and there’s no need to opt in. Your enhanced income will be credited to your account automatically as an additional cashback payment, on the 11th of each month.

I’ve already invested do i qualify for the offer?
If you’ve already invested in one of these properties we’ll apply the offer retrospectively, and if you invest additional amounts the offer will of course be valid on your total investment.

What’s the catch?
There’s no catch. We’re investing in growing our business, by providing additional value to our customers.

Please note: This promotion is only valid on new listing properties, and not applicable for resale properties. If shares are sold on the resale market they will revert to their regular yield and will not qualify for the enhanced income.

How long will this offer be available?
This offer will be run until 31 August 2018 on all new listings

When will I receive my cashback?
Your enhanced income will be credited to your account automatically. The payment will be made on the 11th of each month, or the nearest working day.

Is enhanced rental income available on the Resale Market?
No. For the purposes of this promotion, investments made into the Resale Market will not qualify.

Will this offer transfer to shares bought in these properties on the resale market?
If you sell your shares, the promotion will not transfer to the buyer (they will receive the normal property dividend yield).

Is the enhanced rental income a dividend payment?
No. The enhanced rental income is a top up to your normal dividend yield. Your normal dividend yield will be paid on or about the 5th of each month, as usual. Your enhanced rental income will be paid on the 11th of each month as cashback.

Why are you doing this?
To succeed in our vision of building a marketplace where investing in property is easy, we must grow the number of properties funded on our platform but we want to give something back to our loyal client base whilst we continue this growth. Introducing enhanced rental income will offer investors an even stronger investment case.

How will Property Partner fund this?
Property Partner is a very well-funded business from VC funding from the backers of high growth companies who are now household names, such as Zoopla, Dropbox and Transferwise.

Our marketing budget will be used to fund this promotion, giving additional value to our investors, instead of spending more on traditional marketing and advertising.