A new strategic partnership – GAMA Properties

Property Partner and GAMA Property have announced a partnership that will combine Property Partner’s strengths as the UK’s leading online property investment platform, with GAMA’s attractive property investment opportunities.


All properties available for investment on Property Partner have, to date, been sourced, acquired and managed by Property Partner’s in-house property team, led by Robert Weaver (read more). In the last 3 years, the team have acquired £119m of property, involving 105 separate acquisitions. All of these properties now trade actively on Property Partner’s resale market, which is authorised and regulated by the FCA as a “multilateral trading facility”.

By partnering with GAMA, Property Partner will, for the first time, offer investors the opportunity to invest in property sourced and managed by a third party. The unique proposition of this partnership will offer investors additional opportunities to diversify into more highly geared properties, with a level of downside protection against unexpected reduced income from voids or additional costs.

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GAMA have been investing in and developing UK properties since 2011. During that period, GAMA has made over 30 acquisitions exceeding £100m, with a focus on strong returns for their investors. GAMA’s investment strategy is to invest in high quality, new-build, residential blocks. Each property acquisition is scrutinised and thoroughly researched to meet strict rental and expected capital returns criteria, such as being located near strong public transport links, regeneration projects, planned urban developments or expansions of significant businesses.

Rob Weaver, Property Partner’s Director of Property, commented: “This is the first time that we have offered our investors the chance to invest into third-party opportunities and we are excited by the complementary nature of GAMA’s properties. GAMA share a similar property acquisition philosophy and strategy, but acquire new-build properties during the development process. This will not just add to the number of investment opportunities on our platform, but will also offer clients even more diversification.”

Ori Mazin, GAMA’s CEO, commented: “We are delighted by the opportunity to provide this combined unique offering to investors. Property Partner and GAMA Property share the same vision of the future in real estate investment. We believe that real estate investors should be able to invest in opportunities that will provide them with a strong yield, and at the same time be able to trade their holdings on a marketplace.”

Property Partner will continue to source new properties for investors as usual. With regard to the ways in which property deals are structured and investors accrue returns, there are some important differences between Property Partner and GAMA offerings. It is important that our clients understand these differences before investing. The differences are described below.

More about GAMA Property

Established in 2011, GAMA Property is a UK-based company that sources a wide range of residential property investments in prime locations across the UK. Each property acquisition is scrutinised and thoroughly researched to meet strict criteria such as being located in areas with strong rental demand and strong fundamentals for capital growth, including where regeneration is occurring, urban developments are planned, there are expansions of significant businesses, etc. GAMA then cherry pick the finest properties and acquire them. GAMA arrange the mortgages and let the properties, before bringing in new investors who receive the benefit of making their investment based on actual, rather than projected, yield.

Investors in GAMA properties will acquire a beneficial interest in the properties through UK-based special purpose vehicles and receive quarterly income in the form of a dividend. GAMA have a strong track-record of sharing their expert knowledge, acquired through many years of experience, to help investors make an informed decision with confidence. GAMA’s new business comes in large part from referrals and long-term relationships with reputable developers, granting access to opportunities before they come to the market. GAMA retain full responsibility for managing the properties, leaving investors hassle free.