We’re listening: New updates to our platform

We’re listening: New updates to our platform

Property Partner is changing the way that people invest in property for the better, through technology. Many of our improvements result from conversations with our clients, so please don’t hesitate in sharing your thoughts with the team. We’re always listening.

Recent updates

As requested by you: we now post our platform changes for all to read.

Our latest updates focus on (i) making more information available (ii) adding additional account security measures.

Here are our latest changes:

  • To withdraw funds, or to add a new bank account, you’ll now need to enter your password
  • You can now download the comprehensive raw data of your portfolio and account history as a CSV file
  • You can also now download a time-stamped summary of all your shares as a PDF
  • We’ve added ‘Volume Traded’ to the transaction history graph for each property
  • Data View now shows the 30 day Volume Traded for each property and includes all properties (including New Listings)


Planned releases

We will shortly be adding an extra verification step when you log in, and all accounts will be required to create a six-digit PIN for this purpose. This will be easy to setup and manage.

We’ve also been working on simplifying the process for placing bids by adding in a layer of automation and improving the user experience. Alongside other initiatives, this should help increase the liquidity in each property market and allow investors to discover more trading opportunities in the Resale Market. We’re excited about the effect this should have on our marketplace.

If you have any questions about our most recent updates, or if you’d like to share your thoughts on how we might improve, please email hello@propertypartner.co to start the conversation.