2016: the yearly round-up

It’s been an eventful year for us all – but the story for our community at Property Partner has been hugely positive, and we’ve only you to thank for that.
Together, 2016 has seen us grow to:
Over 9,000 investors

Over 300 properties funded

Over £860,000 paid in dividends

Over £43,000,000 total investment, with more than £10,500,000 traded on the resale market

Expanding across the country
2016 has also seen us expand our portfolio across the UK, diversifying from an initial focus around London. We’ve extended into 14 different counties this year, 9 of which were new. Our investors now have the choice to diversify across a total of 15 different English counties.

Building new features
We couldn’t possibly tell you how many lines of code have been written this year, but our tech team has been hard at work building new features, many of which were in direct response to feedback you’ve given us. 2016 has seen the introduction of:

Auto-invest – Set an amount, sit back, and watch your property portfolio grow with a range of diversified property investments. Update June 2018: Auto-invest has been decommissioned, to make way for new product developments. Watch this space!

The Bid Engine – With Bids, you decide the price. Let sellers know the price you’re willing to pay for a property on Resale, and see if they’re willing to match.

Data View – The Resale market, laid bare. Find deals by sorting through the numbers, quickly.

New investor benefits

Last but not least, our investors can now start earning income immediately. As a direct response to some of your feedback, we were delighted to announce that investors will now earn income from the minute they commit funds to invest in any ‘New Listing’ property.

Thank you to all of you for an incredible year; 2017 is going to be even better. Some exciting things are in the making already.

The team at Property Partner