Better than buy-to-let

A new way to invest in property that is better for everyone

Property Partner was born out of my own frustration: that the ways to access the property market were so difficult and inefficient. Since then, I’ve realised that the problem is more profound than this – and that we have the opportunity to do something much bigger with what we’re creating.

With the power of the crowd, we can help solve some of the structural problems in the housing market together. We have turned property investment into a force for good by making it mutually beneficial for all parties:

  • Better for investors
  • Better for tenants
  • Better for housing supply
  • Better for the UK economy

We’ve built Property Partner starting from these human perspectives. The rise of financial technology is making finance fairer and more transparent – meanwhile, crowdfunding has given everyday people the power to solve larger problems. We want to bring the same to the property market.

Property Partner is opening up the residential property market to everyone, and we are investing responsibly, with a view to long-term stability. Our ambitions are also in line with how the government sees the future of the UK housing market.

Together, we can improve the housing market by crowd-investing in a way that is fairer for everyone. Let us show you how…

Daniel Gandesha, Founder and CEO.


It’s better for investors

This is where we began – starting from the investor’s perspective and working back. Gone are the days of an inaccessible, inefficient, and stressful investment process. Our investors enjoy a multitude of improvements, as well as the benefit of properties chosen by one of the UK’s top property experts. Through us, investors can:

Access better deals

We find better deals and secure them for less, thanks to the extensive knowledge of our property team and the ample buying power we have with our investors. Through us, the powers previously only available to institutions and family offices are now available to all.

Avoid the usual stress

Invest at the click of a button. The hassle of mortgages, solicitors, tenants and maintenance are all dealt with by us – and at rates far lower than the UK’s largest letting agents.

Invest as much or as little as you like

Invest from as little as £50, up to however much you like. Aside from giving greater freedom to investors, it also means that anyone can now invest in property.

Diversify your investments

You now have the freedom to spread your risk across as many properties as you like, choosing from different locations and property investment types. It also means you can invest at any time, and over time, so you can spread your risk across cycles in the property market.

Access more liquid property investments

List your investments on our resale market at any time, at a price of your choice. Investments listed at market value tend to sell within a day – far quicker than selling a property on the open market.

Benefit from greater tax efficiency

Landlords have been hit by the new buy-to-let taxes that have been introduced. All of our investments are held in the tax efficient SPV structure (special purpose vehicle). Calculate the tax savings in our buy-to-let tax calculator.

Receive monthly reports

Track the performance of your investment using regular third party valuations. Each quarter, all our properties are valued by an independent RICS chartered surveyor.


It’s better for tenants

Our property team have experience managing tens of thousands of units, so can often provide a better, quicker and more cost-efficient service to tenants.

A professional experience means:

  • Fair rents
  • Upgraded estate
  • Better service

We have an official tenants charter, a complaints system, and we send out happiness surveys twice a year – because happy tenants are key to business success. Charging fair rents and treating tenants well means they stay longer. This results in fewer void periods for investors. Large scale professional landlords typically enjoy much longer tenancy terms than the minimum length of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) contract.

While there are many fair and efficient landlords, a minority of rogue buy-to-let landlords have given the whole industry a bad name, offering poor quality housing at extortionate rents. By professionalising the private rental sector, we can offer fair rents and provide a better all-round experience for tenants. This is in line with how the government views the future of buy-to-let, and is how other countries such as Germany and Canada, have successfully operated their private rental sectors.

‘Tenants should be treated as guests at a hotel. Currently, it’s often as if they should be grateful to have a roof over their heads – particularly in London.’ Daniel Gandesha, Founder and CEO.


>It’s better for housing supply

Supporting small and medium-sized developers to help Get Britain Building

The way Property Partner operates means we have the rare ability to strike deals that benefit both our investors, and smaller developers, simultaneously.

Acting as a large cash purchaser, we can buy small developments in bulk, saving house-builders time and money and releasing vital cashflow to enable them to move on to their next project more quickly. This allows us to secure discounts for investors, as well as helping to increase the volume of homes supplied to the UK housing market.

We currently have a scheme in place that brings us into contact with many developers, and we will commit to purchase stock as far in advance as the pre-build phase. Read more about how we help smaller developers. If you’re a developer yourself, and would like to see what we can do for your business, please get in touch here.

Supporting home-ownership

Boosting the UK’s housing supply is only the beginning. We’re planning to help people get onto the property ladder by offering shared ownership schemes for first-time buyers. We also aim to help older homeowners trapped with expensive mortgages by offering them the opportunity to release equity from their properties. It may take time to happen, but we are working hard on this.


It’s better for the UK economy

In September 2015, the Bank of England expressed concern that the booming buy-to-let market might pose a threat to the UK’s future economic stability. At Property Partner, we agree that the market needs to be put on a more professional footing, and we even met with the Bank of England to explain the vital role we can play in this.

Over the past twenty years, buy-to-let in the UK has grown to become a huge asset class. Yet it’s still fundamentally a cottage industry, made up of small investors who often lack financial resources and resilience. People with little equity of their own often borrow at extreme leverage, hoping price rises will continue unabated. This leaves many highly exposed if their property is untenanted, or as is inevitable, when interest rates increase.

At Property Partner we have a vastly experienced acquisitions team, with great buying power. It means we can achieve the best deals and invest responsibly. We never pay more than market value for our properties, and often secure them at discount – helping to moderate house prices. We also have a financial team performing analysis on every investment, using multiple data points and research resources to produce 5 year forecasts. We make allowances for void periods and, when gearing, always ensure modest loan-to-values and conservative interest cover ratios. Our investors benefit from all of these advantages.


Join us in our mission to improve the housing market

Our vision at Property Partner is to bring innovation to an old fashioned and inaccessible market. We want to professionalise buy-to-let, delivering residential investment that is better for investors, for tenants, for housing supply and for the UK economy. By using the power of the crowd, we can help solve the problems in the housing market – together.

Our Director of Property, Robert Weaver, described Property Partner as ‘the holy grail of buy-to-let’, saying that he wouldn’t have left the security of his leading role in a large bank for anything less. If you agree with Robert, join our community and start building your personal property portfolio. You’ll be building more than just your own capital.




* tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and may be subject to change in future.

Important notice: Capital at risk. The value of your investment can go down as well as up. The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) protects the cash held in your Property Partner account, however the investments that you make through Property Partner are not protected by the FSCS in the event that you do not receive back the amount that you have invested. Forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future performance. Gross rent, dividends and capital growth may be lower than estimated. 5 yearly exit protection or exit on platform subject to price & demand. Property Partner does not provide tax or investment advice and any general information is provided to help you make your own informed decisions. Customers are advised to obtain appropriate tax or investment advice where necessary. Before investing please read Key Risks.
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