Give the gift of bricks and mortar this Christmas

Give the gift of bricks and mortar this Christmas

More than anything else, people value a gift with a little thought behind it. Steve from Aberdeen had been pondering what to get his three younger siblings – something that could contribute to their future.

‘As an older brother, I always think long and hard about how to make Christmas special for my younger brothers and sister, who are all nineteen years old – they’re triplets…I couldn’t think of a gift with as much potential to benefit them as the gift of property.’

Steve, who’s 28, knew the triplets were concerned about getting onto the property ladder – and that’s when he thought of Property Partner. By giving them an investment on the platform, they could track movements in the property market so their nest eggs weren’t falling behind. Plus, the idea of building your own property portfolio is arguably a little more interesting than other kinds of investment. Bricks and mortar are real.

‘I hope that they’ll be able to realise a good return on their own investments in the years ahead, so that by the time they’re my age they’ll have a bit more set aside for the future.’

Steve contacted us with the idea, and we made a voucher especially for him to give to his brothers and sisters. Now we’d like to give everyone the chance to do the same.

Here’s how you can give the gift of bricks and mortar to your loved ones this Christmas:

Surprise them with something a little different this Christmas. Download the voucher here: