Why I created Property Partner

Why I created Property Partner

Property Partner was born out of my own frustration with the property market.

I’ve always liked property – and for years I wanted to invest as a young man living in Clapham South, in London. I could see nice coffee shops popping up, estate agents setting up shop, and regeneration plans being signed off – but I couldn’t invest.

Step forward eight years. I wanted buy my first home in Putney with my wife-to-be, but my deposit didn’t stretch far enough. Property prices rose swiftly around me and my funds sat dwindling in a disappointing savings account.

This is the hard reality: investing in property comes with huge upfront costs, ongoing time commitments and massive amounts of stress; like starting up and running a business. The market is difficult to access, it is inefficient, and often feels unfair.

Then, walking down the the Upper Richmond road one day, I caught sight of a ‘For Sale’ sign. Suddenly, I saw a stock market ticker running along the outside of the building, and I wondered – why couldn’t the property market be more like that? Invest smaller amounts, earn dividends from rent, and exit simply. And you don’t have to worry about the running of a company when you invest – so why should you have for buildings? I began to imagine a global stock exchange for investment property.

This is how the idea for Property Partner was born – and I started building it from the investor’s perspective. However, I’ve since discovered that we have to opportunity to create something more meaningful, by considering everyone’s perspective. With the power of crowd investment, we can help solve problems in the housing market together, making the market better and fairer for everyone. Better for investors, for tenants, for developers, and for the economy. We want to do this for property markets around the world.

By introducing equity to property investment, we can make the market fairer for everyone. Let’s build a better property market.

Daniel Gandesha