The investor who sold £80k in 30 minutes

It takes months to sell a property. Sometimes years. This can make it an unviable investment for many people, who know that they may need their money back more quickly.

The beauty of our Resale market is that you can sell to other investors in a click. Sellers also have an instant sale price if they need it, in the form of bids placed on properties by other investors.

One investor, who preferred to remain unnamed, needed to sell £80,000 of his property portfolio in extremely short order. Using the bids function, he managed to sell the whole amount in just 30 minutes, from listing to sale.

With property, there is always a price to pay for speed of sale; both in the open market and on our Resale market. However, having held his investments for over a year, this investor made a profit.

According to the May 2017 edition of Open House, our transparency blog, time to sell on the Resale market is just 3.5 days.* While property is more of a long-term investment, with Property Partner, you know that you can enter and exit the property market as and when you need to, at a fair price.

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*Time to sell is calculated as a weighted average of the time it takes to sell shares at or below the 30 day weighted average share price.