The Heights, West Bromwich Fire Safety Update

17 December 2021 update

The managing agents have commissioned a further measure of the building which has determined the height of the building to be slightly over 18m and so should qualify for the Building Safety Fund.  Consequently, a request has been made to the Building Safety Fund to re-consider the funding claim.

30 September 2021

The Fire Safety report has now been received and is being assessed with the managing agent’s external advisers.  As this property is under 18m in height, the managing agents are hopeful that a pragmatic approach can be taken.

30 June 2021

We previously advised that the managing agents were commissioning a fire safety report to determine next steps.  We have been advised that this has not yet been completed.

31 March 2021

The height of the building is less than 18m and therefore the previously submitted Building Safety Fund application has been withdrawn.  A new fire safety report is being commissioned to decide next steps.

18 December 2020 update

There are no new updates – the freeholder and fire consultants are working on the best next steps to move matters forward.

30 September 2020 update

The landlord has submitted an application to the Government’s Building Safety Fund in relation to the potential requirement to replace the cladding on the building – the application is being progressed alongside the building warranty claim that has been submitted by the landlord.

31 July 2020 update

The managing agents have now submitted a claim against the building warranty to determine whether the cost of remedial works is covered. We await confirmation as to whether the claim has been successful. In the meantime, an application has been made, by the freeholder, to the Government Fund for assistance with replacement of the cladding.
Further documentation has been requested by the relevant Government department from the freeholder which is being prepared for submission.

30 March 2020 update

The managing agents are working on the submission of a claim against the building warranty to determine whether the cost of remedial works is covered. They are also instructing specialists to confirm the exact extent of works required.

7 February 2020 update

In response to the most recent government guidance on the fire safety of materials used to clad the exterior of high rise buildings, a chartered surveyor was instructed by the freeholders property management company, Wildheart Residential Management, to complete a survey on all aspects of the external fabric of The Heights, West Bromwich.

Having recently received notice of the outcome of this initial survey, we are suspending trading on the property until 11am on 12 February 2020 to enable investors to consider the new information. For prudence, the dividend will be suspended to build up a cash reserve in anticipation of potential future costs, in relation to fire safety works.

It is the intention of Wildheart Residential Management to instruct a specialist fire consultant to undertake further investigations and provide a schedule of works required to bring the building in line with the new standards. Remedial works may include the installation of supplementary fire safety measures and the management of the removal and replacement
of the current cladding system over the top three floors of the development with an alternative that would fully conform to current regulations. The project will be put to competitive tender.

At this time we do not have any further information on the potential cost of the works or the impact of this situation on the value of our holding of 3 flats, which will be revalued by an independent surveyor in March 2020.