Resale Market Update

Our Resale Market was created to bring “liquidity” to an asset class that is typically illiquid.

Since our launch in January 2015, we have returned £20 million of capital to investors who have chosen to exit their positions and realise capital returns:

£20m of capital returned to investors
• Introduction of a Featured Property each week
• Shift in overall Property Partner pricing index (chart below)

Interaction with the Resale Market
We started Property Partner with the vision of allowing investors to build a diversified property portfolio at the click of a button. Here is a breakdown of what has been achieved through our Resale Market so far*:

• 9,200 investors have invested
• 5,200 investors have sold shares
• 207,000 total transactions
• 98 currently available investments

Introducing Featured Properties
After significant interest in our first two featured properties in Hayes, London and West Drayton, London respectively, we will be for the immediate future continuing to launch a new Featured Property each week. A Featured property is selected from our Resale Market, with a relevant and compelling investment case.

Featured properties are particularly relevant as a means to highlight current opportunities on the Resale Market.

The growth of the Resale market
Q1 2018 has seen the Resale Market continue to grow in size & efficiency. With numerous efforts being made to build on recent improvements, this can be seen by the recent uptick in pricing across the market, visible on the index below:

PP Index

We are champions of transparency and will continue to provide additional information to you, our investors, to help inform your investment decisions. We welcome any feedback or questions you have, as we continue to build and strengthen our Resale Market.



*Statistics correct as of 3 April 2018

Capital at risk. The value of your investment can go down as well as up. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.