Open House – September 2017

Open House: September 2017

Welcome to our Open House series. Every month we open the doors on our data to share information about our community, investment performance and measures of liquidity in our Resale market. The series is born of our commitment to data transparency, and we hope you find it useful.

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Our Investors

£65.2M £48.7M £16.5M £2.0M 10,622
(£3.76M) (£3.21M) (£551k) (£133k) (168)
Total Invested New Listing Investment Capital returned to investors Rental income returned to investors Total investors

The above figures are correct as of September 30th, 2017. Figures in green represent a net change in the displayed figures from the previous month.

The above chart highlights how investment through our platform has grown since its inception in January 2015. Hover over the chart to see how much has been cumulatively invested in each month, and adjust the drop-down menu to see growth over a given time period.


Our Properties

£86.3M 536 3.39% 4.35%
Assets Under Management 1 Units Funded 2 Avg Dividend Yield 3 Avg Capital Growth 4

The above figures are correct as of September 30th, 2017.

The above chart highlights the sum of property values on our platform by region. Hover over the chart to see the average dividend yield, number of properties, and sum of property values in a specific region.


Rental Income and Property Valuations

To date, we have never underpaid a dividend. In some cases, we have managed to secure higher rent than originally forecast when the properties were listed on the platform.

All of our properties are independently valued by an RICS qualified Chartered Surveyor at purchase, and through our 3-monthly valuation cycle thereafter (Jan, Apr, July & Oct). All revaluations occur on the 5th of that month, or the nearest working day thereafter.

The valuations feed into the Latest Share Valuation for each property, and you can download an Excel tracker of the historic share price movements below. The Excel tracker is updated monthly and will allow you to track the performance of each individual property.

On an ongoing basis we will publish feature blogs discussing quarterly revaluations and the ongoing performance of investments on the Property Partner platform.



The Resale Market

Investors can withdraw capital by offering their investment for sale at any time, or they can exit at market value after five years. (Read more about 5-yearly mechanics here). Investors can also bid for property shares on the Resale market, to let sellers know the price they’re willing to pay. Learn more about this, here.

£16.5M £3.7M 36% 4.7 days
Capital returned to investors Matched by bids 5 of portfolio traded on Resale Market 6 to sell shares 7

The above figures are correct as of September 30th, 2017.

We have also prepared a full download of Resale trading activity, including all transactions matched through bids. This spreadsheet allows you to review trading by property, including the trade date, trade price, premium to Initial Valuation, and premium to Latest Share Valuation.



We will continue to share information and data, to give investors like you a clear view on our performance. And for those of you who are not yet investors, we hope that this data will help you make an informed decision as to whether you would like to join us.

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1. ‘Assets Under Management’ refers to the sum of all of the property values under management. 2. ‘Units Funded’ refers to the number of individual flats or houses that have been funded to date. 3. ‘Avg Dividend Yield’ is calculated as a time-weighted value of the dividends paid out by the property using its initial listing price as a base, averaged across all properties. This figure is computed quarterly, after all fees and before personal taxation. 4. ‘Avg Capital Growth’ is a weighted average annualised return from initial listing to latest valuation, with further time weighting being applied based on the number of quarters that have passed following its initial listing on the platform. This figure is computed quarterly, after all fees and before personal taxation, assuming that investments are held for the long term, to the extent that the annualised impact of the Property Partner initial transaction fee becomes immaterial. 5. ‘Matched by bids’ refers to the sum of the amount of Resale Market transactions that have resulted from a bid being matched. 6. ‘% of portfolio traded on Resale Market’ is the quotient of the total amount traded on the Resale Market and the sum of the initial listing values of the entire property portfolio. 7. Time to sell is calculated as a weighted average of the time it takes to sell shares at or below the 30 day weighted average share price.