Meet Jaye Cook – he switched to us from buy-to-let

Meet Jaye Cook – he switched to us from buy-to-let

“I genuinely think this is the future of property investment.”

When he was younger, Jaye Cook’s parents moved 22 times. Is he bitter about it? Not at all. Each time his parents moved, they made a good profit – so he’s well versed in the value of buy-to-let.

Now, he owns five buy-to-let properties in the South-East of England. However, instead of buying another property, he decided to invest in Property Partner, and he now has a significant amount invested on the platform. Jaye is even considering selling off some of his properties in future to invest more – but why?

“Osborne’s reduction of tax relief made me think. Yes, I may get capital appreciation on my property, but I could still make a loss each month. I’m going to be taxed on the revenue and not the profit I’m making in my BTL portfolio.”

When Jaye discovered Property Partner, he realised that the SPV structure we use to hold properties meant that his investments with us wouldn’t be affected by tax changes in Osborne’s Summer Budget. In fact, the reduction in corporation tax would mean he paid less tax, while benefitting from the new dividend allowance announced.

He also noticed several other advantages. Jaye’s portfolio was currently limited to an area close by him in Kent, as his properties had to be accessible. Property Partner would finally allow him to diversify across different areas, and into different kinds of investment that he may not have had access to before. It also meant that he didn’t have to deal with any more stress – five properties is a considerable number to manage, alongside his current job, as a Procurement Consultant.

“I like the fact that there’s no concern over things like property maintenance, and frustrations over having rental voids. You don’t have the same problems with Property Partner as you do in the BTL market. I genuinely think this is the future of property investment.”

Jaye also came to realise another advantage: having access to the expertise of our Property Director, Robert Weaver. Jaye went to meet Rob in person, as he had originally needed convincing that Property Partner was a credible place to put his money.

“I met Daniel the CEO, and Robert Weaver, the head of property, and I came away very impressed with what I heard. At that point I invested a significant amount – and I’ve chosen to do this rather than buying another BTL property. When our fixed rate interest ends on our current properties, I may even sell them to invest more through Property Partner.”

Jaye isn’t the only investor to have done this on Property Partner. To see why people are leaving buy-to-let for Property Partner, take a look at the properties currently available on the marketplace.


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