Dividends Q1-2022

The following dividends will come into effect from 5 April 2022.

All dividends are quoted after deduction of the AUM fee and as a percentage of their latest valuation.

For properties not currently paying a dividend, all net rental income accumulates within that property’s account, strengthening its financial position.

PropertyAsset typeCurrent dividend yieldNew dividend yield 
1. Phoenix Studios, Coventry (Opportunistic fund)PBSA0%3.00%
2. Fairholme Road, CroydonResidential2.51%2.72%
3. Vantage Building, HayesResidential1.50%1.75%
4. Sandy House, RugbyResidential3.80%4.22%
5. Mulberry House, TorquayResidential1.53%2.47%
6. Stackyard Farm, StaxtonResidential1.84%2.24%
7. The Picture Works, NottinghamResidential3.05%3.50%
8. Agecroft Apartments, PendleburyResidential4.10%4.50%
9. Merrilocks Road, CrosbyResidential2.55%2.75%
10. Marco Island, NottinghamResidential1.87%2.52%
11. Keogh House, SwindonResidential2.21%2.64%
12. Friars Way & Abbotsmeade Close, NewcastleResidential3.42%3.87%
13. Cubbington Road, Leamington SpaCommercial5.05%5.86%
14. Bath and Oxford PortfolioResidential5.74%6.13%
15. Terence House, NewcastlePBSA4.32%5.20%
16. Pitt Street, NewcastlePBSA6.14%7.84%
17. Ramsay Place, AberdeenPBSA7.31%7.97%
18. Molyneux Court, LiverpoolResidential2.68%2.30%

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