Meet Richard Pollock – the time-poor professional

Meet Richard Pollock – the time-poor professional

Richard Pollock never planned to be a buy-to-let investor. As a consultant from South London (with multiple publications to his name), he has plenty of other things to think about. But discovering Property Partner has changed his perspective – mainly because it’s now so easy to invest in property, as he describes himself:

“You don’t have to think about letting the property, securing a mortgage or sorting out the insurance. You just buy into properties that you feel comfortable with. And spreading the risk across a number of properties mitigates the risk of capital loss and is easier than ever through the Property Partner platform.”

Richard now has £36,000 invested across seven properties through Property Partner. The ease and speed with which Richard could exit his investment was another of the main benefits for him:

“I also like the relative liquidity of money invested through Property Partner; I know that if I wanted to get my money out by selling the shares on its secondary market I could, rather than having my money locked in for a long period.”

This is evident from the fact that Richard has already traded an additional £14,000 on the resale market with us, and investors aren’t charged anything to sell.

Richard had the confidence to make his first large investment back in May 2015, after realising the advantages of having our property team select his investments. The deal that our team had managed to secure for our first property in Byfleet was something he could never have found himself, and it was too good to miss:

“The Byfleet property was my fourth investment property, and it stood out because of the rental yield and the 20% discount Property Partner was able to negotiate. I invested £10,000 in the Byfleet property because it offered a much more attractive return on investment than having the money sitting in my bank. It wasn’t surprising to see the entire property funded in 35 minutes.”

If you, like Richard, are put off by the hassle and expense of traditional buy-to-let, think again – these barriers are no longer an issue. You can invest at the click of a button, list holdings for sale at a time and price of your choosing, and select investments hand-picked by experts. Don’t take our word for it – see for yourself by viewing the properties on our marketplace:



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This story was first featured in This is Money here, on 26 May 2015.