Customer case: meet Dave Love

Customer case: meet Dave Love

Dave Love is a 30-year-old Commissioned Officer in the Armed Forces from Hampshire – and yes – that is his real name. Dave had been thinking of investing into a buy-to-let property, but found himself faced with a lot of hard work to research and find the right property, and then a lot of ongoing work to manage the property and the tenants.

“If I’d bought a single buy-to-let property, I would have needed to do months of research on where to buy, what types of properties would produce the highest yields, which areas were expected to see house price growth,” he said. “Then, once I had bought a property, all my eggs would be in one basket.”

Dave decided not to buy his own buy-to-let, and to invest with Property Partner instead as he found that it solved many of his problems:

“By investing in a number of different properties with Property Partner, I had access to the central London property market, which I never would have been able to afford on my own, and I could spread my risk across multiple properties. Plus all the research was done for me and I don’t have to deal with tenants.”

So far, Dave has spread his risk by investing across 13 London properties with Property Partner – including Whitechapel, Tower Mint Apartments, Croydon, West Drayton and Hounslow. He didn’t have to agonise over which area to invest his money, because Property Partner hand-picks investment properties, and provides the research to back them up. It also meant that he skipped all the usual stress that accompanies traditional buy-to-let.

Dave is also motivated by the potential returns – both in the short term, from rental income, and the long term, with capital growth. He has already realised several thousand pounds capital growth on an initial £25,000 investment, through sale of some of his shares on our resale market.

If, like Dave, you’re interested in investing in a more accessible and sustainable way to buy-to-let, take a look at the properties on our marketplace.


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This story was first featured in The Telegraph here, on 27 February 2015.