Asset sale: an exciting development

We feel property should be a long-term investment and acquire properties that we believe will achieve considerable projected returns, via a combination of monthly dividend yield and capital growth, over a five year investment period.

Nevertheless, we continuously monitor the performance of our portfolio in relation to the wider property market and across our Resale Market. We have recently identified four properties on our platform which we believe offer a good opportunity to sell and realise a significant capital return for investors, in advance of the 5 year exit process.

We alerted shareholders in each of the properties to this, and provided them with a detailed case outlining why we believe now is the right time to sell, and they overwhelmingly agreed by way of a vote to proceed with the sales. We are now in the process of selling these properties with the aim of achieving significant annualised returns on the initial purchase price.

As this process is currently underway, we have suspended trading on our Resale Market on the four properties.

The four properties being pursued for sale are:

  • 15 Heathlands Way, Hounslow
  • Woodgate Court, Hornchurch
  • 12 Kings Highway, Plumstead
  • Flat 6 Oldham House, Ilford
    This is an exciting milestone for us, as it represents the first time we’ll see a property on our platform go through the full cycle, from acquisition to sale and capital returned to investors.

    We’ll keep you updated with progress as we go!