7 Boyd Street, Whitechapel – a winning choice

Investors who invested in Flat 1, 7 Boyd Street made a winning choice. Since the property launched on our marketplace, investors have realised returns far exceeding much riskier asset classes.

Property Partner gives investors the opportunity to take a view on individual properties on our marketplace, with a wide selection available for purchase from our investor community at any time. Sometimes, a real winner emerges. Flat 1, 7 Boyd Street in Whitechapel proved to be such a case.

This flat in London’s Zone 1 has proven to be one of the best-performing properties on Property Partner, delivering an annualised total return of 12.7%, including both capital growth of the property value and rental income1.

Those who invested in Boyd Street when it first completed in February 2015 have enjoyed capital growth of 24% in 29 months. By comparison, the FTSE 100 is up only 7.8% over the same period1.

There are plenty of opportunities on our marketplace right now. Start your investment success story today and take advantage of our 5% enhanced income offer on all new listings2:



1. Correct as of 19/07/17, based on 30-day weighted average share price
2. 5% Enhanced Rental Income for 2 Years: This promotion is only valid on new listings, not resale properties. The promotion is not transferable. If you sell your shares via the resale the market, the buyer will receive the property’s normal rental yield. Terms apply.